Monday, January 11, 2010


I had been wanting to get a copy of a great 1995 British documentary called; A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies. I remember a special screening at the Director's Guild in Hollywood when I was working there back in the 90's. I had wanted to see it agian, so I  found a vhs copy of it online, for a song (fyi it's available in DVD format also.)  As you might know, "Maestro Marty" is a serious film historian, in fact he's a short walking encyclopedia of cinema with bushy eyebrows. Watching this documenty, that runs over three hours (if he wasn't such a fast talker, it might have been four hours?) makes you feel like you're sitting in a private screening room with the award winning director, as he gives a broad overview of his reflections of the cinema from the silents to the 60's. Scorsese, talks of his love of westerns and film noir. He speaks in awe of the old masters like; John Ford, King Vidor, Howard Hawks, C.B. Demille to name just a few. He thoughtfully reflects on forgotten workhorse directors, who were possibly his greatest influences; Tay Garnett, Andre de Toth, Bob Aldrich and Anthony Mann. So yeah, if you love the art of film, you could take a cinema class at your local city college or you can get a copy of this documentary. You can just sit there with your popcorn  and the master, and watch and listen.

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