Tuesday, January 5, 2010


A mysterious gunslinger is out to gun down New York city slickers, the Morgans (Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant) And he'll ride into Hell to do it! Now it's up to a rugged Marshal (Sam Elliott) and his sharpshooter wife (Mary Steenburgen) to protect them. This western drama plays against the backdrop of a town tough as DEADWOOD named (are you ready for this?).... RAY! There's plenty of ridin' & shootin' and even a little lovin' ta boot in this one! Hugh Grant's tenderfoot character is even attacked by a grizzly... Wilfred Brimley (and a bear too!) Okay, it's not TOMBSTONE... this is actually a new romantic comedy about a recently separated married couple, that's forced to relocate into the witness relocation program after they witness a murder. It's a cute, silly little movie to see with your gal on date night. HEY, IT'S GOT SAM ELLIOTT!

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