Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hey! You wanna to see a really, really damn good show? The likes that you might not ever see again? Well put on something purple and catch Prince! One of the last of the great classic solo music artists has taken up residency at the (old Fabulous or Great Western) Forum in Inglewood, Ca.. The former home of The L.A. Lakers (and also the cities premier concert venue of its day; B.S. (Before Staples.) The tickets are priced at an amazing affordable $25!! (plus $25, if you park in the Forum parking lot... so "clown car" it!) I went last Saturday night, and had a blast!! Yeah, he does all the hits and he does several kick-ass covers (remember Tom Jones song; Kiss? HA! I'm just kidding... don't get your purple panties in a bunch!) The vibe I got was Prince kinda turned the Forum into his own music club, every show different from the last (I've heard that from repeat audience members.) The night I was there, Prince veteran Sheila E. was in the band, playing her famous percussion instruments (and she was on fire!)  Another extra added treat was Halle Berry coming up on stage and dancing with Prince (the guy has not aged in 25 years!!) My favorite part of the night was Prince's encore number, Play That Funky Music. Where some lucky audience members where brought up on stage to dance as it rained purple confetti. Like I said, don't miss this EVENT... or you'll never know what it sounds like when doves cry!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

That Man Ray... Lets See The Picture From Your Pakistani Vacation!!

President Obama, save yourself  lots of grief (see long birth certificate) and let the American people decide for themselves if they want to see Bin Laden's; my late night date with the U.S. Navy Seals photos.  It's the people's choice... because it's America and we're all about that. Bin Laden screwed up our great, old way of life, and we're still pretty pissed about it (and it's not going back to the way anytime soon.) Because after the destruction of our Twin Towers, The Pentagon, and freakin' two wars and I don't know how many dead & wounded Americans (not to mention, two terms of Bush, Cheney & Rumfeld!)... it's all been well, just a little anti-climactic for us. Damn, I should be on your staff!