Tuesday, August 24, 2010


With the gals, good times all around!

The Beauty & The Desperado
Not a photo you get every day; Jeff & Rubina!
With "Sweet Louise," who always has a kind word for me!
A personalized card from The Pink Panther!
I haven't posted a blog in a while, but I'm inspired to do so. I just celebrated another year on the planet. Birthdays, they go as fast as the come these days... when we're young we can't wait to get older (or at least 18-21.) Then a funny thing happens, we start to dread them; "damn not another year older or I'm gonna be how old?" And that's how I honestly feel sometimes. But, other times it's just the opposite. This world is crazy and so is life; but try and not take it too personal. We should all feel terrific to reach another year older, with so many things out there that can stop our clock in a split second it's nice to keep on ticking! This year I decided that I wanted to celebrate with as many friends as I could. Nothing fancy, I found a great dive (a saloon called "The Scarlet Lady") it gave us plenty of elbow room and away we went! It turned out to be a wonderful night, a moment just to enjoy each other again. As you get older you really do appreciate a familiar face and all the history that comes with that beautiful face. I hope to celebrate many more; as long as this crazy world will have me? And I intend to do it with all my beautiful familiar faces as often as I can.