Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I think NBC is on acid? Because they are really trippin' hard! Sure we all know about the late night wars with Jay Leno & Conan O'Brien. With Leno out of his weekly 10 PM slot, the need for the peacock to fill that time void with some new content is at defcon 5.  Now, I just heard that they intend to fill an hour of it with a new version of (can you believe this?) ... THE ROCKFORD FILES!!?? One thing I can say is, "ARE YOU GUYS NUTS?" You can't do the Rockford Files without the legendary JAMES GARNER (not to mention writers, Roy Huggins & Stephen J. Cannell!) Didn't you guys waste loads of money trying to bring back THE BIONIC WOMAN & NIGHTRIDER??? I hear the guy who created HOUSE is gonna be the showrunner on this bad, bad idea! Look, they tried to remake, THE NIGHT STALKER & THE FUGITIVE, without Darren McGavin & David Janssen and guess what?  Just admit it, you guys need to remake yourselves..."Hey, I'm just sayin?"


  1. I was just about to throw the Night Stalker out there and you beat me to it. This redo maybe working for the movies money wise, but it has never been successful for television.

  2. Well, I hate to say that I was right but the remake/pilot of "Rockford" never made it out of Paradise Cove...