Friday, January 8, 2010


Today, January 8th, marks the 75th birthday of "The King."  And I don't mean some silly character over in Europe wearing fuzzy slippers either, I'm talkin' about this country's "King of Rock n Roll" ... I'm talkin' ELVIS! Yeah, I know he's been taking the big sleep at Graceland for 32 years. And a whole generation (or two?) have landed since the days when he walked the earth in a rhinestone jumpsuit, giving away Cadillacs to complete strangers, but all that being said, he's still ELVIS, and I remember him well. Many rock & rap stars have come and gone tryin' to be as cool as the original "The Hillbilly Cat," to this day no one has been able to knock off his crown.
Not many folks know that Elvis was very interested in the afterlife and reincarnation,  maybe he's even returned to the planet getting ready for his next big comeback? All I can say is happy birthday pal, and TCB, with a lightning bolt, wherever you are?

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