Saturday, December 31, 2011

TOM SUGERLAND’S LAST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS / By Ray Ramos / Copyright Ray Ramos / Page 14

It was the first day of Hanukah, and Christmas was a little over a week away. With the exception of a couple little things, Tom pretty much had the Santa gig down. On this afternoon, Tiffany Shaw sashayed her way up to the Santa set. She was wearing a leopard print blouse and a skin tight black skirt. Tom noticed her, and did his best to coolly finish up with his current visitors; a couple twin tween girls who looked right out of The Shining.
“Santa, I’m personally delivering you my letter… I ran out of stamps.”
Tom smiled and pointed over an actual U.S. Post Office that was sitting less than fifty feet away. Tiffany playfully put her had up to her lips.
“Well who put that there?”
Tiffany handed over to Tom an envelope, which defiantly had a hint of her memorable perfume.
“It’s all in the envelope Santa,” Tiffany purred.
The two looked deep in to each others eyes, as they both held on to the envelope for a moment.
“Well okay,” said Tom.
Tiffany smiled and gave a little bye-bye wave and turned around and walked away, giving all looking in her direction the memorable sight of her tight black skirt from behind.
“Man, she got booty on her,” said Beatrice with an impressive tone in her voice.
“Really? I didn’t notice.”
“Uh huh Santa,” Beatrice said.
When Tom had his break, he opened up Tiffany’s scented envelope. What he found was a request for Santa to come to a private party tomorrow evening, with directions. The job paid five bills.

“Barukh atah Adonai Eloheinu melekh ha’olam.” Tom recited the prayer with Yasmine as he watched her light the menorah. After she lit the last candle, he looked at her in the soft candle light. “She smiled. “Thank you for doing this with me, Tom. I was so bummed not having my parents around for the holidays.”
“My pleasure Yaz. I’m an old hand at Chanukah,” said Tom.
Tiffany got a cute animated look on her pretty face.
 “Hey, this is kind of another Marlon Brando scenario?”
“I think you’re right! But we're missing the ton of Chinese food?”
Yasmine snapped his finger in a mock gesture, that made them both chuckle. Then Yasmine held out her palms out in front of Tom.
“Hold on a minute.”
Yasmine excused herself and ran into the other room. Tom thought to himself; "She is pulling a Brando."
Tom leaned up against the kitchen counter and patiently waited for her to return. She came back twice as animated, with a little box gift wrapped in blue and silver and put it in Tom’s hands.
“What’s this?”
“We give gifts too,” she said playfully.
“You do? Well, now it’s your turn to excuse me.”
Tom walk over to the front door and opened it, stepped out for a moment and brought in a wrapped gift himself.
Yazmine’s put her hands up to her mouth in delight.
“What’s this?”
“Just a little something for my special little friend.”
“Tom you are such a rascal! You shouldn’t have. How do we do this? One at a time? Or should we open them at the same time?”
“You go first kid.”
“Okay,” she said.
Yasmine started to rip the paper ever so carefully.
“I think it’s a book.”
“Just tear it,” said Tom.
Yasmine did just that, and found a copy of Robert Frank’s The Americans.
“It supposed to be a classic photography book… a must have photo book the guy at the book store told me.”
“This is so cool! Thank you Tom,” she said as she open the book and started studying them.
“Yeah, this photographer Robert Frank went all across the U.S. back and the fifties and shot all these black & white candid pictures… amazing stuff… anyway I thought so… I hope you like it.”
“It’s wonderful, thank you so much! I love black & white photos.”
Yasmine let loose and gave Tom a great big hug.
“Okay, now your turn!”
Tom picked up his present and proceeded to open it. He could tell that Yasmine was excited for him to see what it was. And in a moment he would know why. In the tiny box Tom found himself looking at a Cub Scout pocket knife. He could tell by the patina on the knife that it was old... vintage, it was very much as the one he remembered owning as a kid. He looked at it, and was speechless for a moment. He was very surprised by the gift; touched in fact.
“Where the heck? My knife…"
"Found it at the flea market in Santa Monica... it was just waiting for me in a glass case."
Tom held it in his palm, feeling its weight.
"Well, this is incredibly… thoughtful Yaz. Thank you”
"Open it. Look on the blade."
Tom did just that, and found his name engraved on.
"Maybe, you won't lose it if your name's on it?"
 Yasmine looked up at Tom; the tip of her little tounge peeked out from between her teeth as she smiled playfully.
“I remember the little things… Happy Hanukah.”
“That’s important gift, believe me… never lose that; Happy Hanukah,” Tom said as he continued to look at his gift.

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