Sunday, December 4, 2011

TOM SUGERLAND’S LAST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS / By Ray Ramos / Copyright Ray Ramos / Page 8

The two sat in the break room having lunch. Tom speared his orange chicken with a chopstick, while Yasmine ate her slice of pepperoni pizza.
“Is that pepperoni Kosher?” Tom joked.
“I know… I’m a bad Jew… I love all the stuff that I shouldn’t. Have you ever had one of those bacon maple donuts?”
Tom raised an eyebrow.
“Bacon… on a donut?”
Yasmine’s eye lit up.
“Yes! With maple frosting, they are so yummy! Of course my mom would have a cow if she saw me eating one,” Yasmine giggled.
Tom finished his last piece of orange chicken, and then stretched out on the chair.
“A few more mall meals like that and I won’t need that Santa padding anymore.”
“You have nothing to worry about Tom. You seem to be in great shape for a man your age.”
“Gee thanks,” said Tom.
“I didn’t mean it like that… well maybe I did? But I can’t believe how great of shape you’re in."
Tom pretended to flex his muscles like Popeye in the old cartoons.
 "You remind me more of Jesus, than Santa... actually, if you morphed the two”
“Jesus? Tom tilted his head like the RCA Victor dog.
"We'll I guess... to be compared to the son of God... no offence... is pretty good."
“I mean because you’re so lean, and with all that hair… I don’t know? You have a look."
Suddenly, Yasmine felt  a little embarrassed.
Tom smiled.
“So Yaz, got big plans for Thanksgiving? We got the whole day off.”
Yasmine put her head down.
“My folks just left last week on a cruise, they’re gonna be gone till January… I feel so abandoned right now. I know that I’m grown, but I love the holidays… I feel kinda bummed. Rockquin actually invited me to Thanksgiving with his family… I don’t know if I’m gonna go… I’d feel kind of weird… what about you, what are your plans?”
“Well I’m supposed to dine with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt on their yatch in Marina Del Rey.”
“Wait… you actually know them?”
Tom broke out laughing.
“I’m such an idiot.” Yasmine’s face became flush with embarrassment.
“No, you’re just not familiar with my silly sense of humor… actually, I can, as they said in the old west; bull shit.
Yasmine looked at Tom sitting there across from her… she was fascinated that such an old guy could still have such a twinkle in his eye… he thought to herself that he must have been a real rascal in his youth. And that’s why despite the color of his hair, he seemed so boyish to her.
“Would you do me a favor?”
Tom shrugged.
"You need to borrow a couple bucks till payday?"
“Would you let me take your picture sometime?”
“Don’t you get enough pictures of me down on the set?”
 “Not you in your silly Santa suit. I’m studying photography… I think you’d be great subject to shoot."
This time, Tom was the one feeling a bit embarrassed.
"You pulling my skinny leg?"
"No really. My camera's gonna love you."
Tom thought about it for a moment and looked at
Yasmine... she had a look too, he was a born sucker for a darling face such as hers.
"Sure. Why not," said Tom.
"Yes!" She said almost sounding exactly like sports commentator Marv Albert.
Tom thought her excitement was sweet... if not a little over the top.

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