Friday, December 9, 2011

TOM SUGERLAND’S LAST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS / By Ray Ramos / Copyright Ray Ramos / Page 9

It was about an hour till closing and Elvis’ voice echoed through the cavernous mall singing Blue Christmas. Tom was just finishing up with a lively family that had came to take their annual holiday picture with Santa, as he looked up he saw that  thoroughbred blonde from the other day standing at the counter. She was wearing a tight red knit dress with a tunic neck and a pair of sassy black leather boots. She smiled his way. The elf suited Rocquin jumped over to the counter to help her… the bells on his hat jingled.
“Hi there, are you interested in having your picture taken with Santa?”
“It’s my mission for the evening. Can’t you tell?”
The woman smiled and then spun around like a Price is Right girl.
“Oh, very stylish… Santa is gonna like you,” Rockquin said.
“I’m think I’m gonna like Santa,” she said almost under her breath.
Over the crowd of departing people, Tom could see Rockquin talking to the blond and then start to bring her over. Yazmine who was finishing up helping a lady from the last group pick out her digital shots, turned to see the blonde walking over to her Santa. Her eye got wide. She looked over at Tom as if to say; “It’s her! It’s her!” But by that time, the blonde was already in the Tom’s zone.
“Are you ready for me, Santa baby?”  
Before Tom could answer the blonde was nestled on Tom’s lap, and her ass felt good there. Tom wasn’t a big lover of perfume on women; but she smelled damn good he thought.
“Santa is always ready. How else could I deliver all those toys in one night?”
“I want you to know, that I usually go see the Santa at the other mall, but I saw you the other day and thought… kinda skinny for Santa, but sexy… you kinda remind me of that one cowboy actor,” she said.
Tom smiled.
“Okay, lets take some sexy Santa pictures, ready Yasmine,” Rocquin said.
“Give me a sec… yeah, okay."
Yasmine looked through the camera viewfinder at the hot blond sitting on Tom’s lap, and she began to snap away. She was amused, but for some reason she found herself just a little jealous at the same time.
The blonde moved over to Tom’s other knee, and wrapped her arms around his neck a puckered up and kissed his check.
“Oh, Santa,” said Rocquin.
Tom looked at the blonde, “I have a feelin’ that you’re more on Santa’s naughty list?”
The blonde threw her head back and laughed.
“I have a feeling you’re right Santa. Your hair is so pretty.”
The blonde got more animated and she then started to run her fingers through Tom’s long white hair.
“I’m spoiled, don’t think that I can go back to a fat Santa ever again,” she said.
Yasmine felt she’d actually had witnessed enough yuletide flirtation.
“Okay, I think we’ve got it,” she said.
“Awe, we were having fun,” said the blonde.
“Rockquin, bring her over to look at her pictures,” Yasmine said.
Rockquin looked at her a bit annoyed and smunched up his face at her.
“Well you have yourself a Merry Christmas,” Tom said
“My name’s Tiffany,” she said her ass still firmly perched on Tom’s lap.
“Santa do you do private parties?”

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