Saturday, December 3, 2011

TOM SUGERLAND’S LAST MEMORABLE CHRISTMAS / By Ray Ramos / Copyright Ray Ramos / Page 7

The first kid Tom dealt with was a cake he thought. A sweet, little golden haired girl around five, she rattled off the name of some toy, he'd never heard of. All that came out of Tom’s lips was; “I’ll have my elves get on that right away.” Then pretty Yasmine snapped off a few quick digital images… it was painless. Tom thought; “If nobody I know sees me…this really ain’t too bad?” His next little visitor almost changed his mind… a three month old baby. When the mom handed the baby off to Tom for the shot, he tensed up. Tom couldn’t even remember the last time he held a baby… he thought perhaps, maybe he never really had? He couldn’t believe how light it was… a football he thought, had more weight to it. He looked at the baby, here was this little bitty life that some mother had entrusted in the hands of a bearded stranger in a silly red suit. Tom was also relieved the baby didn’t start crying, but he was more relieved when mom retrieved it from his hands. As the next few days rolled by, Tom started to notice little patterns with the little visitors, such as; babies a year or younger, were really just little pooping machines, which paid him no mind what so ever. But children from about two to three usually wanted nothing to do with him. No matter what kind of pleading, paddy cake and baby talking the parents did for them. He was a big strange creature that was being put before them; he might as well have been an extraterrestrial with the big black eyes he thought.

As Thanksgiving and the ominous shopping day, Black Friday approached; Tom never would have guessed that he was starting to get a little groove going with this Santa thing. Then one slow moving afternoon, Tom noticed what he could only describe as a thoroughbred of a blond walking by. She had some of the most incredible legs he could ever remember seeing this far inland. The blond was wearing what he thought must have been an expensive little off white dress, but he soon found himself picturing her in a bikini walking across the sand on a sweltering summer day. That was painted in his mind, as he was sitting there in the middle of a photo session with a little tyke on his knee.
“Santa, over look here,” said Yasmine.
Tom had no choice… but to let the blond go on her merry way.
After the little tyke and his parents also went on there merry way, Yasmine came over Tom’s way.
“So Santa, you liked that one huh?”
Tom played dumb.
“What are you insinuating elf?”
“I saw you checking out that hot blond in the Dolce dress. I’m gonna tell Mrs. Claus.”
“Santa can look, can’t he?”
“She was pretty hot. I’ll give her that. She either works here or she shops here a lot? I’ve seen her before.”
“Well that don’t matter to me. Like Santa said, “Just looking.”
Yasmine looked at Tom and smiled, she knew that when it came to mall Santa’s; hers was the “hottest,” but she thought that was just so wrong to think of a Santa in that kind of fashion... but she did anyway.
Tom was about to take his lunch break. Since he couldn’t eat in the mall food court, Yasmine or one of the other crew would do a run for him, then meet him in the break room. It gave him a chance to eat in piece and take off his heavy hot suit.
“Tell you what Yaz, get me an order of orange chicken and Dr. Pepper, and then you get yourself whatever you want. Santa’s buying today kid.”
Tom handed his pretty helper a twenty.

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