Tuesday, February 15, 2011


On The Waterfront & A Star Is Born, after a rain: Do you know how bad I want this photo?
Hey, you wanna be a time traveler? How about setting the dial to New York City, circa 1954, a real amazing time in that cities history. Well, here's the next best thing. Imagine finding a box of film negatives taken by your grandfather who died way back in 1964. Then when you put them up to the light they seem to be images from all over New York City, then when you start to develop them you find that these weren't merely just snapshots from your old granddad, but photos from a gifted photographer, a true artist, of a time in the Big Apple that was is really golden! Here and now, one of Los Angeles's most respected photo gallery's, The Perfect Exposure has presented these images for your viewing pleasure.

Frank Larson's trusty Rolleiflex.
Frank Oscar Larson (1896-1964) from Flushing, Queens, was this photographer. In his later life, he would venture out into the city in the morning with his trusty Rolleifelx camera. He'd hit; the Bowery, Chinatown, Hell's Kitchen, Time Square, Central Park, etc. He captured images from a time in New York that is almost mythical now. A rough-looking fella putting beer kegs out on a sidewalk, a shot of a monkey through the glass of the studio of the old Today Show, A kid hanging over the rail on the East River. If you love good old fashion freakin' black & white photography (and I know you do!) and if you love the city of Gotham, you won't want to miss this exhibit! I swear that there was at least a half dozen images that I wanted REALLY BAD! (And, if I had some room on my credit card... ) It's truly heartbreaking to me that Frank Larson's work wasn't recognized in his lifetime (how many times have we heard that before?)

Hard Luck on The Bowery
I always say; "that a camera is a true time machine."

MANY OF THESE PHOTO HAVE NEVER BEEN PRINTED, MUCH LESS SEEN BEFORE NOW!! The Larson family has lovingly exhibited these amazing photos as a tribute to their grandfather... and I find that to be just as wonderful as the photos themselves. NOW GO! Tell them; "That Man Ray from Venice" sent ya, heck "Tell Them Willie Boy" sent ya, I don't care! 

Exhibit Dates: Feb. 10th - March 12th, 2011

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 11- 5 PM
The Perfect Exposure Gallery
3519 w 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA, 90020

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