Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lindsey Lohan! Sarah Bernhardt! Julia Roberts! Maura Tierney & Lawrence Tierney!: Doing Time in Venice!

Lindsey getting ready for the Boardwalk?
Usually helicopter fill the skies of Venice late at night at night, their spotlights usually searching the Oakwood area of town. Well, this morning copters filled the air of Venice, not with police choppers, but with the news kind! All because, Miss Lindsay Lohan, our communities latest transient celebrity was again off to see the judge (if you remember she's accused swiping a $2500.00 piece of jewelry from a shop on Abbott Kinney Ave. ) Venice, California has been a favorite "celebrity hang" since the days when Sarah Bernhardt used to perform and stay in our lovely little beach town all the way back in 1906.
Sarah Bernhardt was brought to Venice by Abbott Kinney himself!
Julia Roberts graced Venice with her big toothy smile for a short time.
Heck, even "The Queen" Julia Roberts, did some slumming here in Venice a few years back. She bought up a couple huge properties on the walk street; Nowita Court. Not many have the lasting power to hang here like: Orson Bean or Dennis Hooper. I'm pretty sure ER star, Maura Tierney's still here? Gotta give it up for this classy gal, she used to hang at "The Original Brig!"
Tommy Fernandez, owner of  "The Original Brig" in Venice; always spoke highly of this lady!
Lawernceo! As they called him in Spain, for a while was to toughest guy in town! 
It's funny, film noir tough guy (Reservoir Dogs) Lawrence Tierney (no relation to Maura) used to live down the street from me for a short time on Penmar Ave. (but, that's another story! In fact, I'll have to write something one day , about the time I took Larry to buy suspenders at the ROSS on Lincoln Blvd.) Well, what are you gonna do? All the celebs want to be cool like us and chill in Venice... at least for a little while.

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