Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TWIN PEAKS: In The Trees, 20th Anniversay Art Exhibit - Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria

Clifton's on Broadway was happening this night!
I'd like to interrogate this one!
The Famous, Brookdale Bear.

Did He Kill Laura Palmer?
You might know that I sometimes consider myself, well a bit of a private eye, so thanks to great,The LA WEEKLY newspaper (hey, gotta give props when there due) I found myself leaving Venice and taking a drive east (yes, I know... unheard of to many Westsiders) to downtown old Los Angeles ... I was on an investigation of sorts, I was going revisit possibly the most famous murder case in the State of Washington. So what out of state lady was elbowing in on the turf of The Black Dahlia? A gorgeous blond, named, Laura Palmer from a small town called Twin Peaks.
Laura Palmer in LA on The Black Dahlia's turf!

David Lynch's Twin Peaks phenomena just won't die as easily as say, ah Laura Palmer?  On February 12th, 2011, the scene of the crime wasn't a small logging town in the State of Washington, but downtown L.A.'s  Clifton's Brookdale Cafeteria. The Brookdale with it's famous rustic log cabin decor was the perfect place to pay homage to the Television show that had a short, but impact-full run on ABC from 1990 - 1991. That night my usual Twin Peaks partner in crime was nursing a birthday hangover. So my sidekick that evening just happened to be a fellow named appropriately enough "Cooper" (no relation and he wasn't in the FBI.) And a little side note; I was actually working as a page at ABC during the time of The Twin Peaks run and I remember doing many a press tour with the show... it was an interesting and exciting time for television thanks to Mister Lynch.

Ray Wise by Grace  Zabriskie.

The end of the line!
"That Man," had fun this night!
It was quiet a happening that evening, when my friend and I first drove by there was a long line down Broadway Street. After finding the cheapest parking we could find a few blocks on Main Street, (and after ducking into the Nickel Diner for a bite) we found our timing was just perfect as the line was now gone. Not to say that Clifton's wasn't still packed with a mix arty hipsters, most weren't even old enough to remember FBI Agent Dale Cooper. In fact, it wasn't hard to over hear the conversations between hipster one, to hipster two, that kinda went like this; "Now, I'm gonna have to watch this show", "Yeah, you really should, it's great."

I really liked this piece.
The evening was an art show as well as a grand party. Twin Peaks inspired art work by David Lynch, as well as show alumni such as; Grace  Zabriskie and Richard Beymer were featured (as well as a slew of other talented artists TP inspired artists.) Hey, they also had free beer (I don't remember that on the show?) so yes, we closed Clifton's down that night (and found our way to another cool place downtown called The Edison. and in between ran into some UCLA coed's who were coming or going to something called; Zombie Prom? )
I hope they do more of these woodsy TV inspired art shows at Clifton's? How about maybe: Northern Exposure? Here Come The Brides, maybe? F Troop! Hey, I'm down with that!

Laura Palmer reincarnated?

A Damn Fine Piece of Art!
Michael J. Anderson in a box.
You Don't have to go home... but ya gotta get the heck outta Twin Peaks!

All this and Zombie Coeds too!
Brains... ah no thanks... I just had some "damn fine pie."
A Mural, Inside The Edison.
Ohhh, this is my kinda Fairy.

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