Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The Venice Post Office: Not For Long
I never would have thought that Venice, would loose its historic Post Office... but it is. One of my first memories as a child (back when I was; "That Kid Ray... From Venice") is walking with my mother from our little duplex on Venice Blvd. (off of Pacific Ave.) and down to the Post Office at the Venice Circle (the area had once been the main canal of Abbot Kinney's American Venetian recreation at the turn of the century.) The building at 1601 Main Street, features a wonderful piece of art; a mural (painted in 1941) "The Story of Venice," by artist, Edward Biberman... which is so burned into my mind; I'm sure, it'll be one of the final images that will flash through my mind, when I leave this world for the last time.

The History of Venice Mural (featuring, Abbot Kinney) by Edward Biberman
We've all heard that the Postal Service has been loosing business due to the Internet (email, electronic bill paying.) It's funny, everytime, I'm at the Venice Post Office, I find myself standing in a line for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Venice is prime real estate and sadly USPS, is trying to make some quick cash off of the community it serves. But, to do something as dirty, as taking away a community landmark, is really worthy of villainy in my book. As a second generation Venetian, I really take this sale personally. I'm not going to get into all of the USPS's reasons for its closure and sale, because in the long run it's all about dollars ($7,5000,000 of them.) I remember when MGM Studios in Culver City shot themselves in the foot, by selling all of their magnificent back lots in the 1970's (and now, they no longer have an actual studio, just an office in some building somewhere. And what's left of the studio lot is now owned by Sony Studios.) I joked yesterday, that I would personally buy property and rent it to the city, if I won last nights, roughly $300,000,000 Mega Lotto jackpot... but, I defiantly would. I just hope, whatever entity gets the building shows her the respect that she deserves... she did serve us well. Venice, is my hometown, and I would like it to stay being, "Venice." But this situation does remind me of that old Pretenders song; My City Was Gone. This little Post Office is part of the character of Venice. I hate to wonder what's gonna be left of this old town fifty years from now? I know someone who relocated to LA, and  keeps images of her hometown on her bedroom wall, to look at when she's homesick. It's ridiculous, that I might have to do the same thing, without even leaving, Venice! Well, it's a good thing I have a camera.

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