Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The two drove up Venice Boulevard in Bob’s black gangster looking, 79' Monte Carlo. Bob had bought his ride for a sweet song a few years back from actor Sean Penn. Penn had had installed a bad ass Blaupunkt sound system, that Bob was now using to crank up the Steppenwolf classic, Magic Carpet Ride.
As they traveled, Karen couldn’t help but stare at Bob’s muscular arms and feel reminiscent. She wondered if Bob meant to wear that silly black T shirt on purpose, it was a popular Venice boardwalk item. The shirt featured the smiling face of bad boy actor Charlie Sheen, with the word WINNING in big white letters. Karen for the moment felt kinda silly too, if they weren’t up to such a bizar quest, it would be a perfect So Cal day… so she couldn't help but let loose and be in the moment.
“Say hello to my little friends!”
Karen pulled up her T shirt and flashed Bob.
“What the fuck? You want me to get in an accident? Knock that shit off! I need to get in the zone, honey.”
“Sorry, I just feel safe and confident, right here, right now with you. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bustamonte back in the saddle again… who’d of thought?”
“Not, I... that's for sure.”
Bob smiled; it was actually nice to see Karen being lighthearted. Her mood was a far cry from what it had been when they first met at Starbucks in the Marina yesterday… in fact, it was nice to see her period. Though her nostalgic feelings, were making him a little more nervous than that thing in her apartment at the moment.
Bob searched for something good to listen to on the radio. He found K Earth 101, the local LA oldies station, I Got Stung by Elvis was coming out loud and clear.
"I wonder if I would have willed for Elvis to come to rescue me, instead of Teddy... if he would have came?"
Karen looked over at Bob like he was crazy.
"You know? The kick ass, karate Elvis."
"Bob... ah, forget it." She said with a wave, as they continued to listen to Elvis rock on.

When they got to her place, Karen sucked it up and walked into her place with bravado. With what Mamma Basco had suggested might be the cause of her problem, she was sure that they could beat this thing. She felt pretty fearless now, having Bob there with her. She knew that he was a good man, and she loved him for coming to her rescue. Only Bob, she thought would do something as crazy as marry her on a crazed whim in Las Vegas or a battle a malevolent entity for her on short notice. She hadn’t seen him in years, but that didn’t mean that she never thought of him. Bob was like a man from another time… but he proved he was her champion or as they say in Yiddish; a real mensch, and to her there was nothing better in her book... she had married a man of character, if only for twelve short days.

Once in Karen’s place, Bob opened his sagging bag and began to remove its contents on the dining room table. Bob pulled out a cigar and bit off the end of it, and put it in his mouth. He reminded Karen of George Peppard from the A TEAM; he was the cool older man that she had often fantasized about as a young girl.
“Okay, we should sage every inch of this place,” said “Mamma Basco said that we should say some Our Father’s and Hail Mary’s, to give it a little more punch.”
“Bob, I’m Jewish... remember?”
Bob looked at Karen dumbfounded.
“Damn, that’s right… I forgot, because of that “Hernandez” last name of yours. Of all the Mexican American girls in Los Angeles, I get one who’s somehow Jewish? Jewish blond haired Mexicans... how does that even happen?
“Bob, you should have remembered that… you were my husband at one time. And I'm Spanish, not Mexican!”
“Does ten days qualify as… at one time?”
 “It was twelve days… and yes, it does.”
Look, when we start this, just say what I say, okay?”
Bob followed Karen into her bedroom. It looked peaceful to the naked eye. Bob sat on the bed and watched Karen open up a dresser drawer; she pulled out a T shirt, and then began to change in front of him.
“Will you stop with all the flashing already?”
“Sorry, I'm feeling yucky; I’ve been wearing the same clothes since yesterday. I’ll go in the bathroom” Karen said, her pants already down at her ankles.
“Forget it. Why bother now,” Bob said as a pair of panties flew past his head and into the hamper on the other side of the room.  Bob again couldn’t resist looking.
“You sport the Yul Brynner too these days, huh?”
“Nobody told you to look.”
“Well, how can I not, Karen? Is that good for wind resistance?”
Karen looked over her shoulder.
“What? Your Harry Potter girl got the same?”
“Why bring her up? Redhead by the way.”
“You and your redheads… and they are not like Unicorns!”
“Did I tell you that theory before?”
“Uh, huh.”
Bob dashed out to see what the noise was, he thought it was his imagination, as he felt something pass through his body, when he went through the threshold of the bedroom door.
“Hey! I’m coming with you,” yelled Karen.
But as Karen started to follow Bob out of her bedroom  She was a step behind him when then; then woosh! Karen seemed to get sucked back in the room, just as the door slammed shut. Bob forgot about the noise in the kitchen and ran to Karen's aide.
“Fuck! Get me outta here,” Bob could hear Karen yell from the other side of the door, as she struggled with the doorknob.
“Don’t worry baby! I’ll get you out” Bob yelled through the door to her. He didn’t panic, he grabbed the doorknob and twisted it hard, but it didn’t open.
“Let go off the doorknob, Karen!”
“I did! I’m not touching it! It’s in here! I feel it! Hurry Bob!” Karen screamed back.
Bob could hear the sheer panic in Karen voice.
“Okay! Okay!” Bob grabbed the doorknob again, and using all his strength jerked it fucking open. Karen was on the other side of the door still clad only in her little T shirt. Bob grabbed her and yanked her out of the room. He pulled her close to his chest and hugged her, as she began to weep uncontrollably in his arms.
“For a second, I thought I was gonna have to slap you across your puss… your face.”
“That was really fucked up! I felt it touching me, Bob! It was telling me to go! ” Karen shook her whole body about. “I felt it slapping my ass! Eew, so disgusting!” she said with her head was buried in his shirt, Karen felt safe wrapped in Bob's strong arms them for the moment... until Bob saw something.
“What the hell’s that?”
What? Karen gasped. Bob noticed Karen reflection in a long mirror that had been leaning against the wall. There was some redness, or possibly some writing on one side of Karen’s left ass cheek. Bob took Karen over to the mirror and pointed. “Look,” he pointed. On her tip toes, Karen looked over her shoulder and at her refection in the mirror. Karen gasped again, when she saw what the encounter had left on her as a souvenir.
“It’s starting to sting,” she said.
“Hold on.”
Bob knelt down to get a closer look the red marks on Karen; they stood out with her tan line. Upon closer inspected, he deciphered two letters that spelled the word; G-O.
Karen gasps yet again, and then went speechless.
“Come on.”
Bob took Karen by the hand and into the bathroom.
“Where do you keep the alcohol and cotton balls?”
Karen was having a hard time speaking, she pointed and then was able to get some words out.
“In the vanity drawer… middle.”
Moments later Karen was leaning over the sink, just as Bob was gonna apply first aid to her, his cell phone rang. Karen could tell by the look on his face that it was Harry Potter girl.
“Don’t even think about answering that?”
"I thought it might have been Mamma Basco calling back?"
Bob put his cell back in his shirt pocket and applied the alcohol cotton ball to her butt wound. That gave Karen a jolt to her system.
Ouch! Mother Fucker!” She screamed kicking her leg up like a bull ready to charge. Bob leaned over her, and continued the first aid.
“Man up, Hurricane, you’re doing great honey,” Bob said.
Karen looked over her back and threw Bob a nasty look.
“You fucking man up, Bob! I can’t believe that thing slashed me like Zorro!
“That’s what you get walking around your apartment looking like a toddler.”
“That is soooo not funny,” Karen kinda laughed in-between her sniffles, then punched Bob hard in the shoulder. She then grabbed a bathroom towel and wrapped it around herself like a Dorothy Lamour sarong.
“That’s it man, I’m gonna have a fucking cigarette… if this isn’t a good reason to start smoking again…”
Karen then walked over a to Winnie the Pooh cookie jar on the kitchen counter. "Mother fuck!
"What now?" said Bob.
"That whatever? Broke my Winnie the Pooh cookie jar! Who or what? Doesn't likeWinnie the fucking Pooh?! It is sooo on now!"
Karen moved the broken cookie jar pieces and pulled out a pack of Marlboros and lighter.
“You got any hard stuff? Tequila? Whiskey? You need a shot to calm yourself down.”
“I have a bottle of Chambord in the cabinet.”
“That’ll do.”
Bob went to the kitchen cabinet and grabbed the Chambord and poured some in a glass and handed it to Karen.
"If we had some cream and ice, I could of made you a Bitches Tit with this stuff."
"How appropriate would that be, and don't think I'm talkin' about myself," Karen said as she drank the Chambord.
“Feel better?”
“Yeah, little.”
“Stay focused… we’ll get through this, Karen.”
"How are you not freaking right now? Sometimes, I think you're not telling me everything about you?"
Bob pointed at his Charlie Sheen T shirt.
“Winning,” Bob said.
“Soon, we got this.”
“This is way personal now. If it would show itself; I’d do to it, like I did Rhonda Wallace in junior high in the girl’s locker room,” Karen said.
“Didn’t Rhonda win that fight?”
“Yeah, but I hurt that bitch,” Karen said rubbing her ass.
Bob put his arm around Karen.
“Okay, lets stop fucking around and smoke this ghost out of commission,” Bob said sounding a little like Clint Eastwood… in fact Karen even asked him. “Were you trying to sound like Clint Eastwood there?”
"Yeah, I was actually... good ear," said Bob with a smile.

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