Saturday, March 10, 2012


“I want you to just relax and breathe… just clear your head,” Bob said. He took a shot of Jack Daniels himself, just to take the edge off… he didn’t feel like thinking about the events of the day… so he wondered how Karen must be feeling? He was impressed with the character and grit that she had shown. He knew Karen had spunk, but she really proved that she was tough, and most important that she had something that you can’t fake; she had faith... the problem was, she was puting it all with him. Bob knew that so far, that he’d been had by this spirit ... this former Santa Monica Pier patron, named Willa Reese. He took a deep breath and then slowly let it out, as he concentrated on what he did best… and that was make a terrific cocktail. Karen was not witness to this magic, as she just lay there with a cold compress over her eyes.
Before him, Bob had all the makings for a French Quarter staple the hurricane: light rum, dark rum, amaretto, pineapple juice, grenadine, Maraschino Cherries, and so on. He thought it would be the perfect drink to mix, because of his history with The Big Easy and also because of Karen’s old tongue and cheek nickname… He was gonna put a little personal spin on it… he was gonna invent something special: a Hurricane Hernandez, just for her. Bob’s ipod was on shuffle, Bing Crosby had just finished crooning about Irving Berlin’s Blue Sky’s, when Louie Armstrong and his horn proceed to do a number on Hoagy Carmichael’s Star Dust. Bob was getting lost in the notes of Satchmo’s trumpet, when he heard a little knock. Bob stopped what he was doing and walked over to the door. The little knock came again and when he opened the door, he almost shit himself.
It was the unicorn; Isabel. She stood there in the moonlight, dressed simply in a purple paisley blouse, white cotton genie-looking drawstring pants (that were pretty much see through) and tan leather sandals… together with her red hair and emerald green eyes, she reminded him of something delicious, just plucked from the garden.
“Surprise!” Isabel said with pure glee in her voice.
Bob knew he had to be cool, but the sheer mental exhaustion of the day left him a bit out of step from his usual quick glib wit.
“Yes… yes it is,” were the words that came out of Bob’s mouth. He really wanted to be happy to see her, but timing was everything… and bad timing, was just painful… like a kick in the nuts. Bob nonchalantly blocked the door to his apartment with his body, so she wouldn't just glide past him.
“We don’t have to do it tonight…” Karen laughed. “Oops, that sounded funny,” she laughed.… I brought the Harry Potter box set, all eight movies!”
“Really… they made eight of those things?”
Isabel didn’t notice at first, that Bob was speaking in a quite overall tone.
She smiled as one of her delicate hands palmed the center Bob’s chest.
 “I thought we could watch them together sometime?”
Bob smiled, that would be great, but uh, can we do it another time?”
Isabel retracted her hand.
“Well, I can leave them here?”
“Sure, I wish that I could invite you in… but I’m just not up to it tonight… I’m sorry, I hope you understand.”
Isabel started to get the message that something was up.
“Oh, sure… well, do you want to hold on to these… or not?”
Bob reached for the HP box set.
“Yeah, I’ll hold on to them; that’s cool?”
“Sorry that I surprised you… maybe that wasn’t such a good idea?”
“It was a great idea, on any other night... but tonight.”
Bob started to walk Isabel away from the door and hopefully out of Karen's earshot range.
“Look, I got something goin’ on right now… kinda hard to explain in fact… come by the bar next week; you gotta couple free drinks coming to you remember?”
“Yeah, sure… ” Isabel said… she kinda sounded like a little girl who just found her pet gold fish floating at the top of its bowl..
As she walked away, Bob could see her Goblet of Fire tattoo through her thin white pants. He called out to her.
“She looked up, Bob was smiling at her.
“You’re a unicorn!”
She didn’t understand… but she smiled back and continued to walk down the stairs.
Bob walked back into his apartment; he was expecting Karen to be standing there ready to give him grief over Harry Potter girl. But when Bob came back he found that Karen was down for the night. He put the Harry Potter box set out of sight, and then went over to check on her. He removed the damp compress. Bob then inspected the red marks that were still faintly visible on her face, he softly touched her cheek, he felt the air coming from her nose on the back of his hand. For a moment he sat there and just watched her. He prayed that her sleep was peaceful; he was going to need her sharp, for whatever action they were going to do next?
 Then Bob’s thoughts then turned to Isabel, and how he might have really enjoyed sitting on the couch watching the adventures of this guy, Harry Potter with her… and finally Bob thought of the other one…the girl of his dreams.
She stood over Bob, as he slumbered on the beach in the warm sun.
“I knew, I’d find you here Bobby,” a serene voice said. Bob opened his eyes and smiled… the happiness he felt hearing her voice, warmed him more than the sun ever could.
“I feel asleep waiting for you. I was worried that you wouldn’t come”
“It is me, who always has to wait for you. Here, look what I brought for you.”
A pair of long slender legs knelt down on the sand next to him. An elegant hand, slowly put the most plump and juicy, red strawberry up to Bob’s lips.
“Take a bite.”
Bob did, and a burst of brilliant red strawberry juice ran all down his chin. Miss Leoni laughed.
“You’re a messy boy,” she giggled, and then licked the juice off him. Bob laughed, “That tickles,” he said. Miss Leoni fell on top of him and the two playfully wrestled in the sand. Bob was having fun, as parts of Miss Leoni’s bright bikini kept falling off in one place or another. Miss Leoni finally managed to jump up and she made a run to the water; the sound of her playful laughter was like a sirens song to Bob's ears. He followed her, and he caught her around the waist. And like a boomerang in the wet sand, he spun her around and then kissed her... and she kissed him. Bob had never felt such pure joy, as when he was with her.
“Don’t you ever get tired of kissing me, Bobby?” She asked.
Never ever,” Bob said. “I’ve always wanted to kiss you, Miss Leoni … and I would only stop kissing you,  only to tell you how much I love you.”
Miss Leoni smiled and looked deep into Bob’s eyes.
“I know Bobby, it’s your love for me that bring me to you… you’re the only one who remembers me now… as long as you exist, I do.”
Bob stared at her, he felt a tear on his cheek. He slowly put his hand up to Miss Leoni’s face... there was no other that he loved more.
"Remember Bobby; to sleep... perchance to dream." She said to him.
He nodded, then proceeded to explore and study the angles and shapes of her divine face, as if it was a priceless work of art. When his hand got to her lips, he traced them with is index finger, until her got the center of them. Miss Leoni opened her mouth and invited his finger inside; she then closed her eyes. Bob watched in silence as she sensually began to suck; like it was the most delectable piece of hard candy… the two stood there alone on the empty beach; and made their own heaven.

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