Monday, January 31, 2011

Some of My Favorite Photos From 2010: Featuring Norman Corwin, Dennis Hopper, Dr. John & Jackie Bisset, among other people, places & things! Photo copyright Ray Ramos

Classic Writers: 100 year old Norman Corwin makes a point, Ray Bradbury in the background.
Veteran's Day; Westwood Veteran's Cemetary
American Gothic 2010?: Alison & Nin, two people that I miss & adore!
My pal & L.A. writer, John Gilmore at home... with his pet tiger.
A rare photo of my pal writer, David Mamet, laughing! ... so, the blur didn't bother me!
Comic Con, San Diego; Hey, The Green Lantern's gotta eat lunch too!

The Century City Towers

The L.A. Marathon, Hollywood Blvd.
Dennis Hopper, hugs pal Jack Nicholson for the last time.
My Family does an unexpected Abby Road -type shot, in the Capital Records parking lot in Hollywood.
Sunset Blvd.
The View at the Venice Canals

Blonde: Santa Monica Pier

2011 Rock n Roll Hall of Fame Inductee: Dr. John @ SM Pier.
Leonard Knight of Salvation Mountain & The Newlyweds
Magnolia Blvd., North Hollywood
Los Feliz: The Artist & her Clown
JACKIE BISSET @ the 30 Tribute to Steve McQueen
The Last of The Magnificent Seven; Robert Vaughn: @ the 30 Tribute to Steve McQueen
Satisfaction: Artist, Griffin Lauerman
Jessica, the beautiful lady in red & Michael J. Anderson (of HBO's Carnival) confer.
This unplanned three way shot! Featuring famed NATGO photographer, Michael "Nick" Nichols & my dear friend Aloma (a wonderful photographer in her own right!)
L.A. Zoo: I love Gorillas: Thank you Honey, for giving me this shot! I'll comeback and see ya soon!
Yogi & Whitey & Jose & Victor

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