Saturday, January 29, 2011


Núñez & Schwarzenegger: "Don't worry Fabby baby, your kid will be out in less than three years!"
Okay, I’m one of the dumb Californians who voted for Arnold Schwarzenegger (twice!) for Governor. I fell for that whole jive, that he was a man of the people. He was a wealthy man, so he was his own man! Well so much for this phony Teddy Roosevelt wannabe… Arnold was defiantly no Colonel Teddy! But it was such a great story; Austrian immigrant comes to the United States, with nothing but a suitcase and a dream and with only a couple words in English. He makes his way to Venice's famed Muscle Beach and against all odds becomes Mister Universe. And even crazier than that, he becomes a gigantic movie star (not to mention a very savvy business man.) It seemed like a man could do know wrong? Wrong! In 2003, Arnold shook the entertainment industry when he made the jump from movies to politics, defeating incumbent California Governor Grey Davis in a historic recall election. There was a new sheriff in town; Arnold was going to straiten out the state with his non-partisan politics… he was going to clean up Sacramento! Well Arnold, you should have kept his day job, you was adequate at best? So much for Venice, California’s number one adopted son saving California! You left us in worse shape than ever.

So right before he left office earlier this month (replaced with reto-Governer Jerry Brown) Arnold really showed that he was no better than any cliché politian, when he reduced  former California State Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez’s, 22-year old son Esteban's, sixteen year manslaughter prison sentence to eight… with time served & good behavior, what are we looking at three years maybe? Arnold gave the Sacramento political gravy-trainer and his punk ass kid, a blatant favor No if, ands or buts about it! 

I've sold out!
The crime was a 2008 incident, when Núñez and his pals (they called themselves “The Hazard Crew”) took a party road trip from Sacramento to San Diego, where they attacked a group of strangers with knives after being denied admittance to a collage party. The aftermath left one person dead and one person seriously injured. The man Núñez stabbed was lucky enough to live, but that’s not the point (even though Arnold disagrees.) The punk-ass posse high-tailed it back to Sacto and quickly destroyed the evidence… but luckily the law soon caught up with The Hazard Crew. The little shit Núñez told his crew that his dad would get them out of this mess. Núñez's political hack pals (including sadly, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa) wrote letters to the judge on this punk ass kids behalf. Well, his dad and our so-called action hero governor, Arnold kinda did. Originally, to escape a murder trial, Núñez and his friend Ryan Jett agreed to plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter. The judge even told Nunez during sentencing that his actions after the crime showed a "callousness to human life -- evil."
Fresh Meat on the Cell Block! Come & Get it While You Can!
I don’t write too much political stuff (yet!) But this crime against justice really stuck in my craw… I couldn’t sit on my hands any longer. I’m don’t consider myself, conservative or liberal… I just like what’s right and fair (I’m a dreamer right?) And this just was so; “you gotta be kidding me or he did what?”  What was the saying... and justice for all!

Rightly so, the parents of Luis Santos, the 22-year-old college student who was killed in the confrontation is suing former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sacramento on Thursday, claiming he violated their constitutional rights under the state’s Victims' Bill of Rights. And last I heard Santos’s parents were going to sue the father and son team of Estaban and Fabian in a civil suit… good for the Santos family. Even though they’ll never retain what they’ve lost, at least they’re not going to go away quietly! When you’ve been dealt a dirty hand, kick over the table and let the chips fly!

The Victim: Luis Santos
I know how it feels to have family member fall to the hands of violence (several times over, I might add) and I know the anguish it casts, the giant shadow of sadness that always looms over a family after such a tragedy . So yeah, I’m feeling really betrayed by Arnold “Mister Action Hero” Schwarzenegger. Even after he was a wash out as the governor, I still felt that I could at least sit through one of his movies… I saw the film, The Expendables last year, and I enjoyed the little tongue and check scene with him, Stallone and Willis. But, I don’t think I can even do that now?! Was this Núñez punk worth ruining my enjoyment of; Conan the Barbarian, Predator or T2?  Whose ass are you kissing Arnold? You’ve really put a giant monkey wrench into any thought of a future movie career!

Stay Hungry
 Back in 1976, my dad had a cinema class at Santa Monica College. I remember him taking me and my pal Robert to see a preview of a film at MGM in Culver City. The picture was about body building, called STAY HUNGRY, starring Jeff Bridges and Sally Fields. After the film was over there was a Q & A with director Bob Rafelson, Sally Fields and (in his first major Hollywood film) Arnold Schwarzenegger… so I’ve kinda been following (and pulling) for Arnold’s career since I was a 14 years old kid, way back when he was in his body building prime… and this is where our road together ends, pal! And who would have thought,  after all these years, Jeff Bridges of all people would become the mythical lawman Rooster Cogburn? And you, Arnold would become the un-upholder of the law? Arnold, you really let me (and a lot of people ) down, man! Well, Sacramento can lay claim to you now! And please whatever you do California; DO NOT EVER VOTE "POLITICAL HACK" FABIAN NUNEZ BACK INTO OFFICE! Oh, and one more thing, Arnold do yourself a favor and stop dying you hair orange! On second thought, that’s the right color for a damn clown! Where's Charlie Bronson when you need him!