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Michael "Nick" Nichols a.k.a The Indiana Jones of Photography
The Annenberg staff always knows how to bond with the guest photographers.
One of National Geographic’s most famous photographers; Michael Nichols stopped by The Annenberg Space for Photography yesterday. Nichols came by to sign copies of his amazing coffee book; The Last Place on Earth. He’s one of the five photographers that are featured at The Space’s current exhibit: EXTREME EXPOSURE. The show which runs until April 17th features an amazing group of photographers that do work in the most dangerous of environments.

Nichols Grand Adventure Book!
Reflected on glass, Nichols lectures to the SOR crowd.
The previous night, Nichols had given a lecture to a SOR house. He spoke of working with the late Diane Fosse and Jane Goodall, capturing their work with gorillas and chimpanzees as well as numerous other adventures with his camera. A true gentleman who was kind enough to spend some time chatting with the staff of The Space, giving up some back story on some of his incredible work.

Nichols work has reflected his love of the primates of Africa.
One of the photos featured is of a silverback mountain gorilla, which Nichols first encountered in the rain forest of Rwanda. He became very fond of this particular young gorilla who became the leader of his group. Nichols sadly informed us that this magnificent gorilla was killed; shot in the chest by a Rwandan soldier who got too close to him. Nichols said that the gorilla was mostly all bark and no bite and was really a gentle giant. Stories like this are what drives Nichols and photographers like him… they’re trying to show our world that we’re losing by the minute!
Check out The Dian Fossey's Foundation website if you'd like to help her gorillas?

* On a side note, I asked Nichols what he thought about the legend of "Bigfoot?" I figured with all the time he's spent with primates and also photographing America's giant Redwoods... he'd have a definite opinion... and he did. He gave me a "negative." Now myself, a true "Bigfoot" believer, I was a little disappointed, but in a way not... that just clears the field for me to get the "money shot" of "The Big Guy" someday!

Who's shooting who? This photography crossfire reminds me of the end of the movie, Reservoir Dogs!

The Space's beautiful Aloma takes a portrait shot in front of Michael Nichols bug covered hands.

Aloma checks out a shot that Michael Nichols took of her.
The Annenberg Space for Photography's newest exhibit features; Florida swamps, the Arctic, the African jungle and volcanoes from all over the world... in short: Adventure!
Besides Nichols; EXTREME EXPOSURE features the work of such amazing extreme photographers; Clyde Butcher, Paul Nicklen and the husband & wife team of Donna & Stephen O'Mara.
Even though you missed Michael Nichols you'll want to stop by a check out the Extreme Exposure Exhibit (again, it runs now through April 17, 2011.) The show not only features a print gallery, but the centerpiece of the space are giant screens that feature a documentary as well as a digital slide show of images... it's truly a unique venue to view photography. For more info go to the website below.
EXTREME EXPOSURE: Features the photos of five great photographers!
The Volcano Boots of Stephan O'Mara
An example of the large format camera that Clyde Butcher uses in the field.

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