Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anne Rice Is Nice... And I'm A Big Dummy For Leaving My Vampire Book At Home!

Anne Rice meets me of all people?
She has a great signature!
I love books & writers... and every once and a while I'll stand in line with other book lovers for an authors signature. A couple years ago I was in a thrift store happened upon a copy of Anne Rice's classic, Interview With The Vampire... it looked like a first edition (I think it's a book club copy?) So I grabbed it, I thought maybe one day if all the stars are aliened she'll do a signing at a local book store... well a couple days ago I was going through the LA Weekly and happened to see that Ms. Rice was going to be  at Vroman's Books to promote her latest novel; Of Love and Evil (a tale about an angel and an assassin)... well, I thought maybe I'll drive over to Pasadena with my book... and my trusty camera (I was looking for something or someone special to wrap up  my year in pictures with.)

Well, I made the trip, got there nice and early and guess what friends? I forgot my damn vampire book at home! I hate when do something lame like that... but at 
least I had my trusty camera with me... because if I would have forgotten that... well, I would have really been pissed at myself! But I digress, back to Ms. Rice... it's always interesting to see who reads an authors books when your at a book signing... I was expecting a bunch of goth looking "Twilight" people with widows peaks & phony fangs...  but from what I saw, I think I was the only one who was actually sporting a widows peak there? I was there representing the tanned George Hamilton, Love at First Bite vampire faction... I guess? While I was in line, I could hear her fans talking about her (and the fact that's she's written over 30 books) they really have a connection with this lady. I have a dear friend Ana Rosa who really loves her, and finds her and her work to be a muse for her own wonderful art work (and that was another reason that I made the trek to Pasadena from Venice... so I could call her and say to her "guess where I'm at right now?") Well, since the book signing started right on time and great staff a Vroman's kept the line nice and tidy, I was standing in front of famous author in about 20 minutes with a copy of her new book (she has a very nice signature, I might add) and I must say that she really, really had a very nice energy about her (and she's from my favorite place besides Venice, CA; New Orleans!)... even though I forgot my damned vampire book! Which is now sitting on my bookshelf again unsigned... (alone & aging like Tom Cruise was in that old mansion in NOLA at the end of the movie version of Interview With The Vampire)... Well, at least I got a few nice photos & I didn't get another $54 parking ticket (see my last post!) Nice to meet you (and your staff) Ms. Rice, looking forward to reading your novel... maybe it'll inspire me to finish mine soon!
FYI: Ms. Rice will be at a book signing at The Mission Inn, in RIVERSIDE, CA on Saturday, January 8 @ 1:00 PM

And a great smile!

This lady really connects with her readers!
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  1. I'd much have a dialogue (and nice pix!) than a signature....... nice job Ray! Paula

  2. Hi Paula,
    Thank you for the great feedback!

  3. Some of her books I really enjoyed. I'm sure it would be a treat to meet her...Mission Inn? I'll have to check that out! One of the highlights of my life was meeting Ray Bradbury back in the 90s...I got his signature and shook his hand, and asked him a few questions for the news story I was writing! :)

  4. Ray Bradbury is great... we share the same birthday! Anne Rice is doing a conversation in January in downtown LA... I posted it on my FB page today.