Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 "That Man Ray" rehearsing with Alara Ceri.
I’m thrilled to open up a new show, called “Hollywood Positive”, at The Raven Playhouse in North Hollywood. What’s really great is that it’s an original, semi-autobiographical piece, written by a very funny and talented actress, Alara Ceri (who plays the shows lead role of Ally).  
Alara made her mark in The NOHO Theater scene, as "Pinky" the cat.
I cast Alara, in my original one act play, “The Pleasure of Purr Company”. She played a fictional version of my black cat, “Pinky”. She won the audiences over as she danced to Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 and fought for the love of her owner, against his shrewish girlfriend, Karen Hernandez. It was just a wonderful experience, having my characters brought back to life with such gusto. That was just last fall. And here we are again, getting ready to come out of the chute again with a brand new show… and I think a marvelous one. It is an honor, when someone respects you enough, to reach out and ask you for some help… it’s even more fun, when that person is as effervescent as Alara Ceri. It’s a joy to help someone, bring their vision to life on stage. Alara has written a very funny (and sometimes rough and sad) satire, about what it’s like for a young woman to come out to tinsel town, in search of her dream to be an actress. In the play, the character, Ally, has everything thrown at her; the sheer competitiveness of Hollywood, her new narcissistic roommate (a new rebooted version of, Karen Hernandez), her trying to get a decent L.A. job, her trial attempting to get signed by talent agent, Tony Falco ( played by yours truly) and to be seen by jaded casting directors. Ally even has to deal with her parents’ long distance empty nest issues. If you’re out here trying to make “the dream” happen, you’ll really relate to this show. And even if you’re not out in L.A. trying to be discovered, you get to peak in and see how hard it is. I was surprise how much of this stuff in the show actually happened to Alara... but then, it's Hollywood.

Alara, rehearsing with Anna Rose Moore, Charlie Abernathy, Vinnie van Hinte. 
Being that this is my third show in three years, we were fortunate enough to cast a lot of talent from my previous shows; CJ Brady, Matthew Dorrio, Stephanie Gilbert, David Langel, Peter Mc Glynn, Candice Martin and Vincent van Hinte, One thing I learned; that’s if you work with an actor, who’s talented, (and not too crazy… because, you gotta be just a little bit crazy to be an actor) you stay in touch with them… it makes life so much easier for the next show. For me, they’re an all-star cast! We also have the privilege to work with some fine new actors for the first time; Charlie Abernathy, Eric Fiel, Fernando Flores and Anna Rose Moore in Hollywood Positive.

Alara, reunites with her Pleasure of Purr Company co-star  CJ Brady in "Hollywood Positive"
On this show I started out as the director (as well as a producer) but as we started to really get into it; it was obvious that Alara’s talent would spill into being a co-director with me. Which, as a writer myself, I’m totally fine with that happening. I believe, who knows their story better than the playwright? After we had our initial first read through, Alara and I, went to a coffee shop, and I gave her some notes, where I thought the script needed to be punched up. She agreed and allowed me to write a scene or two; add some of my funny stuff. With that, and the two cents of Stan Matasavage (who is also, co-producing, but has limited time on this show) we've been having a great collaboration.
Trying to help Alara, reach for the stars! 
I think it’s been very fulfilling for Stan and me, to pass on what we know (and what we fake) to someone like Alara (as well as any of the actors that we've been fortunate enough to work with). I wish someone would have done that for me, way back when. But we can only go forward… what happened yesterday doesn't matter, and what happens tomorrow you can’t worry about… it’s what you’re in the middle of at the moment! And at this moment, I have a fantastic new play; which I want everyone to see!

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  1. I wish I could be there. I'm the one from Montana, but I'm a Venice gal, your FB friend. Best of luck to you and the cast.