Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Better Late Than Never: Dennis Hopper Double Standard

The Self-Made Shell Of Hopper & The New Mexico Desert At Moco.
Dad & Me
Hopper Speaks At His Star Ceremony On Hollywood Blvd.
The Steps Of Hopper's Home In Venice.

Nothing like waiting till the last day, right? This past Sunday was the last day for the Dennis Hopper's art exhibit Double Standard at MOCA. My dad and I got there real early to avoid all the other last dayers and the heat that was frying the streets of downtown LA. The retrospective which opened in July was sadly a tribute to Hopper the art/photographer (as well as actor, who passed away just this past May 29th at the age of 74.) Hopper who spent the past 25 years hold up in his studio/compound in my hometown of Venice, Ca. proved himself to be major player in world of contemporary art. He was an artist that who really wasn't afraid to delve into all aspects of art, the show featured abstract paintings, black and white photographs, various assemblage pieces, Venice graffiti inspired art and pop art pieces (as well as a small theater featuring film clips from his career as and actor "You're a eggplant.") Personally I was drawn to his photography (mostly from the 60's.) Hopper really had "the photographic eye" which later helped him in his film directing career. I took to heart something that he said in an interview once, Hopper said something to the fact that when nothing else was shakin' in his artistic career, he just picked up his camera and made art. Nice advice and a nice send off Mister Hopper.